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“McNabb to Vikings” Rumors Intensify

January 26, 2010

The rumor of a trade that would send Donovan McNabb to the Vikings can be traced back to the offseason after the 2007 season, when it circulated that Minnesota needed a quality leader, rather than passers like Brad Johnson or Tarvaris Jackson. We are now roughly two years removed from that notion, but the “McNabb to Vikings” gossip is intensifying here in the post-2009 offseason. With the Eagles failing to achieve their Super Bowl aspirations (though putting up a fine regular season that included 11 wins with a very young roster) and many calling for Kevin Kolb to finally take over the Quarterback position in Philadelphia, signs once again point to a possible trade. This time, however, there may be more explanation than ever for a move like this to actually happen; Minnesota’s Brett Favre is going through his annual retirement decision, and of course, the Vikings are led by Brad Childress, who once worked as an offensive coach for the Eagles.

Should the legendary Favre officially announce that he will no longer play in the NFL, the rumors of a McNabb (pictured) trade will surely increase, as if they aren’t intense enough at the moment. The veteran Eagles QB will be playing in the final year of his contract in 2010, and that is another reason the Birds might consider dealing him. John Clayton of the ESPN network said this about McNabb’s future with the Eagles and the chance of him getting traded: “Two things have to happen and that would have to be the retirements…if [Favre] and [Cardinal] Kurt Warner are going to be retired, then there are going to be two possible trade outlets. If let’s say both decide to come back, then I don’t see another team – maybe Carolina could do it – but there’s only going to be three of four options at most for a McNabb trade and if you can’t get trade value, you can’t release McNabb. Right now, I think his future in Philly is dependent on retirements.”

Head coach Andy Reid said after the team’s final game of the season that McNabb would remain the starting QB for the Eagles in 2010, but he also went on to describe how both Kolb and Michael Vick are quality players worthy of starting roles. Like all rumors, we can only wait and see what truly happens. It’s just interesting to see that the old trade rumors involving the Vikings are beginning to regain steam early in the offseason.

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