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Philly’s New Macho Man

June 29, 2009

The city of Philadelphia has been built on the toughness of their residents, and throughout the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, toughness was never questioned among their players. The list is never ending, there is Bucko Kilroy, who was once accused of biting opposing linemen, Tommy McDonald, who was the last NFL player to not wear a facemask, Chuck “Concrete Charlie” Bednarik, who was the last NFL player to play both offense and defense, one of my favorites, Brian Dawkins, and now there is Victor “Macho” Harris. The 157th pick in this year’s draft, Macho Harris (see picture) seems to fit the role of a true Philadelphia Eagle. His combination of toughness and courage will make him a fan favorite among the Eagles’ fans. Just look at the man’s nickname, Macho, that already tells me that he is a hard-nosed football player. So how did Victor Harris become “Macho” Harris? At the age of 2, he was a very challenging kid. His father said he would be running around the house with his bike, and this led his father to think of a “tough guy” name, eventually deciding on Macho.

The 5’11” Virginia Tech standout received the honor of being an All-American and a two-time All-ACC honoree during his collegiate career. While in high school, Harris suffered third degree burns on both his arms, and a minor burn mark to his face. After the heartbreaking loss of his mother, Harris promised to be the best player he can be. With all his success in college, Harris will look to carry that over into the NFL.

“I feel great,” Harris said. “I thank God for this opportunity. I’ve been waiting, it’s been a long ride and to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, I’m close to home. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to have great player. I’m going to be coachable and a game-changer, so they don’t have to worry about that. I’m so excited man.”

Macho Harris certainly does not lack confidence, and personally, I feel that Harris has a great shot at making some big plays for the Birds in the 2009 season. You will never see Harris quit on a play, that is what makes him so dangerous, he will never give up and he will eventually break out a big play. With Jim Johnson’s aggressive defense, Harris should be a favorite among the longtime defensive coordinator.

“I know he likes to attack,” Harris said. “The front seven is going to attack and the secondary has to hold up. Like I said, they have great players in the secondary that hold up throughout the years. All I can do is come in and continue the tradition of a great secondary and continue the (tradition) of great defensive players that the Eagles have had. I’m excited to go ahead and make it happen.”

He provides special teams value, is flexible enough to play safety and cornerback, and was an electric stand out at Virginia Tech. In early June, Harris began making his NFL dollars, signing his first ever NFL contract. As fans of the Eagles, we all should be cheering for the toughest little guy on the field, and expect to see Harris making spectacular plays on Sundays.

Victor “Macho” Harris’s Career Stats At Virginia Tech
125 Tackles
2 Forced Fumbles
15 Interceptions
4 Touchdowns

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