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We Have Moved to!

April 28, 2010

WE HAVE MOVED! Be sure to visit our new address on the web:! See the previous article for details on our switch!

New Era of Eagles, New Era of Bleed Green

April 28, 2010

Since being released to the world wide web in January of 2009, this site (and constant source of Philadelphia Eagles news and discussion) has undergone quite a few changes. The logo of Bleed Green has been altered several times, the layout has been reconfigured in multiple instances, and–most importantly–the site’s blog hosting format has changed. However, not one of the previous upgrades or features that were installed are as significant and empowering as the one that has come today. For the first time since the site’s existence, Bleed Green will be operating under a completely new database, domain name web address, and with a wide array of style and formatting differences in the articles and page designs. Of course, things have been moved around and fine-tuned before, such as when the switch was made to the WordPress software and layout at the start of the Eagles’ preseason in ’09, but this compilation of changes marks a new chapter in the history of the website (which, fittingly, corresponds with the Eagles’ movement this offseason into a new era, without the likes of Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and others).

To start, here’s the biggest and most relevant change to Bleed Green: No longer will the site–which has been on the rise in terms of popularity and fan interactions for some time now–be able to be accessed at the URL Instead, the entire “unit’, so to speak, has been moved permanently to Not only is this new address easier to remember and increasingly catchy, but it also rids of the word ‘forever’, which was an original part of the site’s title but never appeared in the logos or listings of the site’s name. In addition, the switch to a domain name has allowed Bleed Green to finalize a number of partnerships and collaborative deals with other businesses. How so? With the new system in place, actual advertisements can now be added to the layout (don’t worry; this does not mean we will bombard with you scripted promotions and the liking). Thus far, we have already agreed to partner with these fine sites and corporations:

  • Yardbarker: A widely popular, fan-friendly blogging network that allows users to post their own rumors and news stories, while confirmed NFL information and articles written by athletes themselves are also made available.
  • NFL News & Rumors: A quick-to-the-point and simple, yet informative site that contains a constant flow of exactly what is stated in the name–news and rumors. In no means am I attempting to promote this anymore by including this, but–for those interested–my analysis on a league-wide basis can be found here, as I–in addition to managing Bleed Green and writing for BlitzNation–recently was welcomed into a position as a writer on their staff.
  • Sports Gab: A network of sports blogs that covers all of the NFL teams, as well as various other leagues such as the NCAA, NBA, and MLB. The well-known Philly site Eagles Gab, with which we are already linked with, is included in the network.

The addition of a domain name and list of partnerships is but a taste of the latest wave of changes, however. There have also been some moves within the staff here at Bleed Green; we welcome both some new writers while also bidding farewell to some others. Blake Lovell, who joined the team in October, spent his time on the site composing a column called Weekly Eagle Chirps. For various reasons, Mr. Lovell will no longer be working as a part of Bleed Green, but we wish him the best of luck for his future! John Cook, who was added in January as a fan perspective analyst, will also no longer be listed on the staff list because of several difficulties and technical issues. Though it is a bit saddening that Lovell and Cook have been removed, there is also news regarding the acquisition of some more writers and the changing of some positions within the staff.

Gary Davenport has replaced Kyle Phillippi as our fantasy football writer, and will provide constant reports and opinionated work during the season, while acting as a correspondent from the website in which he is a lead writer at–Fantasy Football Oasis. He brings years of experience as a writer and expert on strategies and concepts dealing with the increasingly popular game of fantasy football, and we expect him to bring drastic improvements to the fantasy section at Bleed Green. Phillippi will remain on the staff, but convert to Blake Lovell’s old spot as a columnist. We have also welcomed back Noah Drauschak as a feature writer and offseason analyst. He previously worked for the site in a role with the NFL Draft, but left because of scheduling conflicts in early September. Another addition to the staff (and a unique one, to say the least) is of Alex Gervasi, a young woman talented in the art of broadcasting who has agreed to be a part of a video project that has already begun here, entitled Bleed Green TV.

Some other notable changes that have been made include the switch of the site’s logo/banner. The departure of Eagles’ QB Donovan McNabb (who was featured in the old design) was the primary reason a new one was installed, but the switch to a fresh web address also had an effect on the decision. On the newly-designed logo, young tight end Brent Celek and wide receiver DeSean Jackson are featured, with our name and a subtle image of Lincoln Financial Field in the background. Besides the logo, the sidebar and it’s contents have been rearranged. No longer are the “Our Goals” and “Visitor Counter” boxes present; the “Bleed Green Around the Web” icons and links have also been altered so that a more professional look is in order. Some pages, such as “About Us” have also been updated and cleaned up a bit.

One change that should immediately be noticed in the articles published on the site is the formatting. As part of the package of changes, a new style system has been put into place to enhance the look of the site and the quality of the posts made available. Full names of NFL players, teams, and coaches will now be in a bold text so that they stand out and are clearly seen, while titles of articles will now be written with the technique newspapers do. An example of how the switch will make the titles look different is shown below:

  • Previous Formatting: “Breaking News: Eagles Have Traded Their Draft Picks to the Dolphins”
  • Updated Formatting: “Breaking news: Eagles have traded their Draft picks to the Dolphins”

Clearly, the only significant difference is the capitalization of some of the words, but it is more professional and recognized easier nonetheless.

The layout, color scheme, and arrangement of the site’s template have all also been changed. The sidebar and tabs for pages (i.e. About Us, Contact Us, etc.) have been moved to the left side of the screen and coated with a white color that blends with the midnight green shading of the text. An instant news alert system has been placed at the upper right hand corner of the home page, and whenever something happens regarding the Eagles, the news will immediately be displayed in the area. The new logo and bottom of the site are backgrounded with a gray color, while we have also installed new pages and features, which have been listed below:

  • Advertising page: For those interested in advertising with us, this page allows site visitors to get some general information regarding what we offer (in terms of ad space, pricing, etc.), and directs them to our Contact page.
  • Employment page: We’re always looking for help at Bleed Green, and if visitors have a talent in writing, broadcasting, or another social arts aspect and have a passion for the Philadelphia Eagles, we’re open to reviewing their desires to work at the site. A link to an online application for working at the site is included on this page.
  • Privacy Policy page: Because we would like all of our visitors and fans to know what type of information we use and exactly how we run our site without invading their privacy on the internet, a privacy policy has been created exclusively for the site and placed on this page.

We hope that all of our fans, both new and old, enjoy what we have done to the site in hopes of making it an even better source for entertainment and information, as well as simply a cool spot to go that deals exclusively with the Philadelphia Eagles football team!

Eagles Add Three More Rookie Free Agents, Sign OG Murphy

April 27, 2010

Last Thursday and over the weekend, the Eagles added a league-high 13 rookies via the NFL Draft. On Monday, they finalized short-term contracts with 11 undrafted free agent players. And yet, despite their massive amount of acquisitions as of late, Philadelphia did not stop adding to their offseason roster, as they announced a few more moves today. Three more first-year free agents have been signed, as well as a veteran offensive guard who was recently waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Each of the three rookies who have signed are listed below with a brief description regarding them:

  • RB Keithon Flemming: His 16 touchdowns in 2009 led the West Texas A&M squad and wowed some local scouts, but a severely dislocated elbow that kept him out of six games is what many believe cost Flemming a legitimate chance to get drafted. His lack of consistency early in his collegiate career and performance against supposed lesser competition also contributed to that fact, but the running back still possesses the versatility and determination to make it in the NFL. He’s pretty small at 5-foot-10 and 208 pounds, but has proven to be a weapon in both the rushing and receiving aspects of the game, and could very well battle for a reserve job in the backfield this offseason.
  • DE/OLB Eric Moncur: His opportunities in college with Miami were limited due to a variety of injuries, but Moncur has clearly been of interest to the Eagles, especially because of his speed around the edge of defensive lines and towards opposing teams’ quarterbacks as a pass rusher. He visited with the Philly organization prior to the Draft, and–though often criticized for avoiding blocks and lacking the consistency to play as an every-down defender–figures to compete for a reserve role, whether that be with the defensive linemen or the linebacker corps.
  • CB Devin Ross (pictured): Arguably one of the most decorated and highly-touted players who was surprisingly not picked in the Draft, Ross provides the Eagles with an immediate candidate to play a situational role in the secondary. A two-time recipient of All-Pac-10 awards while in the NCAA and playing for Arizona, the cornerback showed a lot of promise in his final two seasons as a Wildcat; it was primarily his lack of experience in his first two years and undersized frame that made teams hesitant on Draft day to select him. Nevertheless, he has a serious amount of upside and seems as if he can truly make an impact this offseason, battling for a roster spot with his aggressive coverage techniques and impressive ability to read opponents’ plays.

Besides the players mentioned and described, the veteran added–guard Shawn Murphy–is also likely to compete for a roster spot this offseason. Originally selected in the 4th-round of the 2008 Draft by the Dolphins, the lineman is best known for his skills as a run blocker and overall amount of versatility. Quite speedy for a player who was most recently measured as being 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds, he was a two-year starter at Utah State while in college, and played for the Buccaneers this past season in a reserve role. He is expected to battle with guys like Mike McGlynn and some of the acquired rookies for a backup job on the o-line.

(picture source)

Bradley Given Medical Clearance to Practice

April 27, 2010

There was a sudden release of positive news from the injury front today, as the Eagles’ young middle linebacker Stewart Bradley announced that he has been cleared to practice with the team by his doctors. Philadelphia is set to open it’s annual post-Draft minicamp this weekend, and it’s certainly uplifting to know that one of the key pieces to the defensive side of the ball will finally be able to get back on the field after missing the entire 2009 season because of a torn ACL. Originally brought into the league by the Eagles in the 3rd-round of the 2007 NFL Draft, Bradley was considered one of the top youthful players at his position not too long ago, and is surely excited to return to the starting lineup and act as a productive leader.

“I’m coming along great, and in fact I was just cleared by the doctors to practice this weekend,” Bradley said during a brief conference call with the Eagles’ media group. “I am really excited to get back on the field. I don’t think I will have any limitations…I’ve missed the game, the competition. I can’t wait to get started.” The three-year veteran is being reasonable when he expresses his desire to get back on the field. After all, he hasn’t been in uniform since the summer of last year and was regarded as one of the team’s most valuable defenders a few seasons ago. In his ’08 campaign, Bradley (pictured) started all 16 games and recorded 108 total tackles, as well as a sack, forced fumble, and interception. Heading into the 2009 season, he was projected to put up Pro-Bowl-quality numbers, but unfortunately saw his plans for the year go downhill when the Nebraska product sustained a knee injury (later revealed to be a torn ACL) during the team’s first-ever Flight Night event, a special exhibition of Training Camp.

Bradley’s absence definitely had an effect on the Eagles’ play at the middle linebacker spot this past season. His initial replacement, Omar Gaither, performed respectably well, but also went down with a season-ending injury early in the year. This forced the team to make a variety of moves and positional rotations throughout the remainder of the season, causing what seemed to be a never-ending switch at the MLB spot and a load of inconsistency. The situation got so bad that the team had to make a move right before the trade deadline to acquire Will Witherspoon from the Rams, and even lure Jeremiah Trotter out of retirement.

Now Bradley is back, and apparently ready to return to his promising form of 2008. In addition to the LB’s return to the field, it is also expected that tight end Cornelius Ingram–a 5th-round Draft pick last offseason who also missed the entire ’09 season with a knee injury–will be able to participate in the nearing minicamp.

(picture source)

Happy Birthday,!

April 27, 2010

Just as we celebrated our one-year anniversary here at Bleed Green in January, another respected source for constant Philadelphia Eagles news and discussion is honoring their first birthday today– Stocked with interesting features such as the Season in Review series and a new podcasting segment, as well as constant coverage of news regarding the Birds, the website has done an outstanding job since its creation, and is quickly becoming a popular spot for fans to visit and read all about the Iggles.

We at Bleed Green would simply like to wish–and the site’s admirable lead writer, Mike Burke (who has done some collaborative work with us)–a happy birthday and congratulate the company for its growth and success in it’s first year of operation. We encourage you to stop by this fan-friendly spot for news and rumors, take a look around at the exciting content they offer, and drop your own line of congratulations!

(picture source)

Eagles Intrigued by Recently-Released DT Henderson?

April 26, 2010

As odd as it may seem with the team’s avid movement to get younger this offseason, there have been recent indications made that suggest the Eagles are intrigued by recently-released defensive tackle John Henderson and would potentially consider signing the veteran player, who has spent his entire eight-year career with the Jaguars. At 31 years old, arguably coming off a down season, and a natural fit to a defensive scheme not usually associated with Philadelphia’s, Henderson seems as if he would most definitely not be a justifiable acquisition. But with the team clearly looking to upgrade or at least have a competition at the reserve DT spots (they added a pair of prospects at the position via the 7th-round of the Draft and with a rookie free agent signing), some consideration of adding an experienced, successful player like Henderson isn’t out of the question.

In his career, Henderson (pictured) has recorded a total of 423 tackles, 29 sacks, and eight forced fumbles. He is well known for using his very large physical frame (6-foot-7, 335 pounds) to power through opposing teams’ linemen and become a disruptive leader of the defensive front.

Perhaps the strongest sign that the team is indeed interested in Henderson is the recent speculation and flow of reports that the two-time Pro-Bowl defender was involved in a trade that nearly occurred during the Draft between the Jaguars and Eagles. It’s not as if Philadelphia would be acquiring a declining player if they actually pursue and sign Henderson, either; the primary reasons Jacksonville chose to cut him are that two younger players at the same position were selected in this past weekend’s Draft and the veteran was carrying a fairly large contract.

The Eagles already have a pair of solid starting defensive tackles in Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson, but Henderson could very easily be incorporated as a situational backup in replacement of the rarely-used Trevor Laws or in a combination with the agile Antonio Dixon, rookie Jeff Owens, or another young player. I spoke with aspiring sports radio personality and podcasting specialist Brennen Dickerson about the situation, and this is what he had to say: “Henderson had a decent season last year, with 36 tackles and three sacks, but given his age, the signing would be somewhat puzzling due to the purging of age on the roster this offseason.  However, because of the lack of production from Trevor Laws I would personally be in support.  If anything, he can push Laws, Antonio Dixon, and Jeff Owens.”

(picture source)

Eagles Sign 11 Undrafted Rookie Free Agents

April 26, 2010

Though the Eagles ranked among the top teams in the league in terms of which club grabbed the most total players in the recent 2010 NFL Draft, Philadelphia had some space to fill on their offseason roster and announced the addition of 11 undrafted rookie free agents today. The majority of the acquisitions play offensive positions, which makes sense, seeing that the team’s clear focus in the Draft was defense. Contract details have not been disclosed for any of the signed players, but all that truly matters (at least for now) is that these newly-added prospects have been brought in with expectations of battling for reserve spots on the final roster.

A complete list of the players the Eagles have announced as adding is below, with a brief description about each of the acquisitions also included:

  • QB Joey Elliott (pictured): A lack of starting experience resulted in his not being drafted, but Elliott–who shined leading the Purdue offense in 2009–provides the Eagles with a potential backup quarterback and developmental player for the future. Of course, that’s primarily what the team selected Northwestern’s Mike Kafka for over the weekend, but if the Eagles’ other QB–Michael Vick–is indeed traded before the season, Elliott (who is known for being a solid passer on the run) could find himself with a spot on the roster. Read more…

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